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Triguna Yoga is a team of genuine people who have gained knowledge and deeper understanding through lots of practice and experience in yoga and meditation. We are passionate about offering you the space, presence and teachings so that you can experience deeper understanding as well as learn and experience rebalancing of body and mind.

We offer Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga/Meditation and Body Detoxification Retreats. In this we focus on the relationship between mind and body through yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. You will learn how you can heal yourself physically, mentally and emotionally using five elements, asana, meditation, emotional blockage treatments and breathing techniques. Triguna Yoga focuses on self-development through self-understanding.

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Taking Yoga Beyond
The Mat Training

When meditation is colourful, or colouring become meditation itself...it's so beautiful and easy.Triguna yoga is not just Yoga education, it is a life yoga ...

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