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Triguna yoga is a place where we are providing the space in which participants can learn and practice yoga to balance the Trigunas by using different tools as naturopathy, yoga asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing techniques), Dhyana (various Meditation techniques), diet, healing and lifestyle.
Until our three natures are not aligned and balanced, any kind of disease in body or mind we have to suffer. In Triguna yoga we teach students according to the scientific knowledge of balancing the three natures of a human being. Every person is suffering from different imbalances. Some of them are because of an imbalance of Tamas, some people are having an overactivated mind and energy.
Triguna yoga teaches yoga in a very scientific way. It explains and shows you how to overcome your imbalanced nature by using Indian traditional yogic ways. You will learn about the functioning of different yoga Asanas (postures) and how to use them for mental health. Through the practice of some asanas our energy level, mind patterns and habits can be changed.

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We introduce many modern and ancient techniques of meditation which is useful to achieve the calmness, joyfullness and Higher experiences.
Besides yoga asana, pranayama and meditation Triguna Yoga works with the 5 elements (naturopathy) to heal and detoxify physically, mentally and emotionally. Mud, water and air (breathing) therapy will be practiced and there are teachings about how to balance fire element and ether element (fasting therapy and meditation) in life. Through the 5 elements therapy you will get understanding and experience of how we can cure our body and mind without the use of any herbs or medicine. We will especially focus on emotional detoxification kriyas which shows us how we can release the side effects of our negative emotions.

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When meditation is colourful, or colouring become meditation itself...it's so beautiful and easy.Triguna yoga is not just Yoga education, it is a life yoga ...

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